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Nomad Dancers will be happy to add cultural value to your concert, festival, wedding, or international celebration. We are based in Washington DC, but are willing to travel to share our dances! Please contact us by email at, or telephone co-director Adriane Whalen at (703) 799-0282, a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before the date of the event. 


The fees are based on number of dance items to be presented, duration of event, and distance from the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Transportation cost or mileage fees and overnight accommodations will be added to the Basic Fees as required. The number of performers who participate does not affect the total cost of the presentation.

Basic Fees
Basic wedding package: Two dance items plus escorting bridal couple into the reception hall if requested. $500 (Each additional dance is +$250)
Festivals and Educational Presentations: Nomad Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization. Please contact us for more information.   
Full evening concert: Full 2-hour concert, further information available on request $2000-$3000

Customizing your event

Nomad Dancers can accept requests for dances in a number of different Central Asian and Middle Eastern styles, including Afghan, Arabic, Azeri, Indian, Persian, Tajik, Turkish, Uighur, Uzbek, and more. If you request dances representing a specific culture or group of cultures, we will select from our repertoire to fit the occasion. 
The costumes worn for each dance are authentic examples of regional traditions. They are carefully researched and collected from all over the world. 
Nomad Dancers will perform in the costume that is most appropriate to each national dance. 
When planning your event, please be aware that dancers need certain basic amenities in order to prepare for the performance. A clean, well-lit dressing area, with mirror and clothing rack, as near as possible to the stage or performance area must be provided. Hospitality in the form of water and refreshments is expected. If the performance time extends over several hours, kindly provide a meal to the dancers.